Meet And Greet

MEET AND GREET service is one an other achivment by GTA PEARSON LIMO. For our coporate and exculsive guests which we think our gest as Family member of Gta Pearson Limo.

This service is for those guest who needs special care when they are on travelling.  We have Highly perfessonial Chauffer who will recive you from the airport and from the clearnace of all your Aiport formallties to your whole Journey, our chauffer will take you to your car private car from airport. Instead of getting stuck in all the rush and confession on the Airport after a long travelling from your flight. Allow our chauffer to take all your laugage and get to your owned car not the hired one. As MEET AND GREET service is another name of  "YOU DID HIRED THE CAR YOU OWNED IT FROM AIPORT TILL THE REST OF YOUR JOURNEY". Meet and greet service is an excusiely service for the clients who are short of time and want to avail every mintue inseatd of wasting time of for getting airpot public transport and tell them your whole destinity. Allow us to meet and greet you from the time of your arrival till your whole journey.

As soon as the  our exculsive guests arrive Our chauffer meet them and greet as they are not hired but they are there own personal chauffer. After the clearnce of you all laugage you wiil recived by alredy assinged Chauffer warmly greet you.

So allow us to serve in a way that you have never experinced before make your bussines tour into an fun and exciting travelinng which you will never forget while on a excusively bussiness trip stress is all you got on your mind, but from our meet and greet service you will be able to relax by our in your personal hired car an also you have a feeling of exculsiveness in which you are not sppose to tell about destination at the time of booking mention you travel plan and then forget everything and leave the rest of you journey to us. All you have is to concertrate on your busniess meeting instead of getting your mind who worries about the traveling on your business tour.

Meet and Greet Service of GTA Pearson LIMO is an outstanding service for the outstanding and Elite Guests while palnning a business trip instead of reconsidering and worrying about your traveling just advance book you exculsive car.

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