Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions are for your own safety and security which is mutually beneficial for our valued clients, our employees and the valuable thing which is deployed in our vehicles. Please be updated that at the time of your reservation from us you are under the following terms and conditions and you are linked to the Terms and Conditions of our company

    • Usage of any types of drugs and anything related to it is totally forbidden in the vehicle legal action will be taken if anyone disobey this term
    • Customer will be charged in case customer will use any of our service which is not included at the time of reservation.
    • In case of delayed service or un availability of our transporter call us on our number
    • Client will be responsible for all his valuable things in case of any loss company is not responsible for that loss
    • Pets with the control and favorable condition is allowed to take in the vehicle
    • Child seat is provide if client’s desired but installing of child seat made by the chauffer but safety of child if not the responsibility is totally of client’s
    • If the vehicle valuable things are damaged such as seats, carpets, crockery, leather, paint work, decorations and things which is placed or installed client’s have to fulfill all the damage made
    • In case of reschedule of your tour, trip or wedding call us at phone number least 5 days before to avoid any detection of your funds
    • If the cancellation of sedan and limo without any pre informed by 7 days detections of your money is made and if on the spot cancellation there will be no refund if informed  2 weeks before you schedule then all  your funds will be returned detection will be made according to the time at which you informed.
    • We are not response for the extra traffic or unfavorable weather condition which result in delay of your trip or tour it is totally on depends on climatic condition for which is company is not response for that delay
    • All cancellation are made will result in funds detections depending upon the service you have booked and time you have informed about the cancellation
    • Cancellation of sedan require at least 36 hours before you planned time and date
    • Cancellation of SUV requires at least 60 hours before you planned time and date
    •   Cancellation of Stretch Limo will be made before 10 days from your planned tour
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